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Prescription Sports Glasses for All Sports

At Sports-Glasses.com we offer you the best selection of Prescription Sports Glasses and Prescription Sports Goggles from leading brands, such as Progear * Hilco * Adidas * Oakley * Julbo * Aqualung * Uvex * as well as our own unique products. We provide Sports Eyewear for both Adults and Juniors, and have established a reputation for providing solutions for people with the most demanding of RX. Whatever your Sport, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Racquetball, Squash and Tennis, through to leisure pursuits like Cycling, Skiing, Swimming, Scuba Diving or Hiking, we have Sports Glasses that will provide you with maximum protection and optimum vision.

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At Sports Glasses we realize that purchasing glasses online can be daunting especially for first time buyers. It is for this reason we pride ourselves on our Superior Customer Services. Emails are quickly responded to, as well as our phone personel with personalized and individual assistance in selecting the best option for your sport. We offer a wide selection of Sports Glasses and Goggles available to fit all budget levels as well as optional prescription lenses made of High Impact Polycarbonate proven safe for all sports.

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Optometrist's Scripts can sometimes be a little confusing to the public. So here is some guidance that should help you.

Your Right Eye values are usually described as OD and your Left Eye OS. If your Prescription contains a + or - Cylinder value this will always be accompanied by a corresponding Axis value.

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