Prescription Swim Goggles

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Progear H2O Swim

Suitable for both men and women, our Prescription Swim Goggles offer the best Ophthalmic solution for Swimming, Water Volleyball, Water Polo, Synchronized Swimming and other Water Sports. If you wear spectacles or contact lenses you will know that neither is suitable for swimming. The harsh chemicals in pool water can damage contact lenses and even lead to infection, the sea and rivers are similar. The most common type of Prescription Swimming Goggle sold is a ready-to-wear type. This kind of goggle comes in standard powers that you round of to your nearest 0.50 diopter. These are fine providing you have had a professional advice on the correct power for you. However, if you have a high prescription or there is a difference between your right and left eye powers, then we would recommend a custom made pair of Prescription Swimming Goggles. We can glaze this goggle to the same powers as your everyday eye wear, providing the same vision quality. Custom made goggles are far more appropriate for the sports man or women when you need good hand eye coordination. Designed to accommodate virtually any prescription, with Hypo-allergenic silicone eye seals and straps.

Available in one size: Adult Fits 12 years+
Range + 9.00 to -9.00 with opposite cylinders to 4.00.

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